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Annie Boone

You can't recommend the "Godwin Glacier Sled Dog Tour" on your website, because the owner is not an honest person (see Trip Advisor, Better Business and the Chamber of Commerce of Seward e.g.). We had a reservation for 2 for a helicopter flight followed by a Dog Sled Tour on Godwin Glacier for the 2nd of August 2010, paid in advance by VISA (23rd of March 2010:$ 900.00). The Tour was cancelled because of the weather. We tried again the 3rd of August (before leaving Seward), but we couldn't go. The owner assured us he would refund our money on our VISA Card. Because the owner din't answer our phone calls nor our emails, we sent a complaint form to the Chamber of Commerce the 15th of
September. Then the owners of the Tour sent us an email saying they would make the refund at the end of september. We still din't receive our money back (January 2011). We have sent a complaint to Better Business, but the owner doesn't answer them. If you look at the site of "Trip Advisor", you will see that we are not alone in this case. We have now filed a complaint with the Alaska State Attorney General and he is still waiting for an answer.


The owner assured us he would refund our money on our VISA Card.

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